Coaching Venues

Gary offers coaching at a number of Squash Clubs, Leisure Centres and Schools in the Hampshire, Surrey & Berkshire Areas. The main venues and schools that Gary is involved with are:


The Bourne Club, Farnham;

Hook Community Squash Club;

Aldermaston Squash Club;

Manor Junior School, Farnborough;

Hook Junior School, Hook.;

More House School, Bourne;

Royal Grammar School, Guildford




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If you have any queries or wish to make a booking please contact Gary on:

07854 519797

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Gary has just signed a sponsorship deal with Karakal Worldwide Ltd.


I now use the Karakal Raw Ti Gel 110 racket which gives me great touch, feel and manoeverability, which is essential to my game.

I have a demonstration racket with me at all times that anyone can try and see how good it is.


In association with PURE RACKET SPORT in Farnham we sell a range of Squash rackets and Squash 57 rackets at competitive prices. Plus court Shoes and (of course) Karakal grips. ( 


Rackets available:

KARAKAL SN90 FF Squash Racket

KARAKAL F-125 FF Squash Racket

KARAKAL RAW Ti GEL 110 Squash Racket


KARAKAL CRX-LITE Squash 57 Racket

KARAKAL CRX-PRO Squash 57 Racket


Shoes available:




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