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Gary offers coaching at a number of Squash Clubs, Leisure Centres and Schools in the Hampshire, Surrey & Berkshire Areas. The main venues and schools that Gary is involved with are:


Hook Community Squash Club;

Aldermaston Squash Club;

Hawley & Blackwater Leisure Centre

Hart Squash Club (part of Aldershot Garrison Sports Centre)





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If you have any queries or wish to make a booking please contact Gary on:

07854 519797

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Gary has just renewed his sponsorship deal with Karakal Worldwide Ltd.


I use the Karakal Raw Ti Gel 110 squash racket which gives me great touch, feel and manoeverability, which is essential to my game.

I have a demonstration racket with me at all times that anyone can try and see how good it is.


For Squash 57 (Racketball) I use the Karakal Shadow 155. It is nice and light and a slightly longer handle than the usual Racketball rackets and so it easy to switch between rackets when coaching squash and to then coaching Racketball.


The PURE RACKET SPORT Shop in Farnham sells a range of Karakal Squash rackets and Squash 57 rackets at competitive prices. Plus (of course) Karakal grips. ( 


Rackets available:

KARAKAL SN90 FF Squash Racket


KARAKAL FF 160 Squash 57 Racket

KARAKAL FF 160 Squash 57 Racket

KARAKAL SHADOW 155 Squash 57 Racket


Karakal offer a great range of products including: Squash, Squash 57, Badminton, Tennis, Table Tennis, Clothing, Shoes, PU Grips, etc... See for more details.




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