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Gary offers coaching at a number of Squash Clubs, Leisure Centres and Schools in the Berkshire, Hampshire & Surrey  Areas. The main venues that Gary is involved with are:


Hook Community Squash Club

Aldermaston Squash Club

Alton Leisure Centre

Hart Squash Club (part of Aldershot Garrison Sports Centre)

Hawley & Blackwater Leisure Centre




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Gary Hales


Sport has always been a major part of my life and when at school (Siddal Moor High School, Heywood, Lancashire) I played as many sports as possible. My main sport at school was football and I represented Greater Manchester County at Schoolboy level with the pinacle being invited to trials for the England Under 18's Schoolboy Teams when I was 16 years old and then again when I was 17 years old. I also played Youth Football at Bury FC and Oldham Athletic FC and once had a trial for Leeds United FC.



However, I was also interested in science and mathematics at school and this led me to study Applied Biochemistry at Salford University and in 1985 I graduated with a 2.i. B.Sc.(Honours) degree. I then moved to Cardiff to study for a higher degree and in 1993 I graduated from the University of Wales College Cardiff with a Master of Philosophy in Pharmaceutical Chemistry.



I did not start playing squash until I was 16 years-old when I was fortunate that my school organised a 6-week introductory course at the local squash club in Bamford. I joined the club and played there for a few months. However, I did not take it up again until I was 20 years old and I was working in Horsham, West Sussex. I was on an industrial placement to a pharmaceutical company as the third year of my degree course and I joined the Horsham Squash Club. This is when I was first introduced to team squash. When I returned to Salford University I joined the Salford University Squash Teams.



When I moved to Cardiff I joined Cardiff Squash Rackets Club and over a period of about 8 years I worked my way up from the third team eventually to the first team and became South Glamorgan County Champion in 1993. During this time I represented South Glamorgan in Inter-County matches and also was a regular member of the newly-formed Wales "B" Team. I was able to represent Wales due to residency. I played in several "B" internationals against Scotland and Ireland. I achieved my highest Welsh ranking of number 7 in 1993.



When I reached 35 years old I was eligible to represent Wales in the Masters Home Internationals which are held annually against England, Ireland and Scotland. I have been fortunate enough to play every year the Home Internationals have been held over the last 25 years. I now have 80 caps for Wales at Over 35, 40, 45, 50 and 55. In 2013, 2014, 2015, 2018 & 2023 I was honoured to be asked to represent Wales in the Masters Home Internationals in both my Masters Age Group and the Master Age Group below, in the same year. I have captained the team on several occassions and I am the current Wales Over 60's captain.


I have also been fortunate in being able to compete in the Wales Masters Closed Championships 22 out of the last 25 years. Two years I was unable to play due to injury and one year the event was not held due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Of the 22 Championships I have played in I have also been fortunate to reach the final on 19 occasions. I have been the runner-up on 11 occassions but I have been the Welsh Champion 8 times:


Over 35's Champion in 2000 & 2001;

Over 40's Champion in 2003 & 2005;

Over 50's Champion in 2014 & 2015;

Over 55's Champion in 2019

Over 60's champion in 2023


Between 2001 and 2006 I also entered the British Open & Closed Masters Events and World Masters Championships. My best performannces were:


World Over 35's Championships (Australia 2001) finished 10th;

World Over 40's Championships (Finland 2003) losing 1/4-finalist;

British Closed Over 40's Championships (Manchester) between 2003 -2006 best result was a losing 1/4-finalist;


British Open Over 60's Championships (Colets) 2023. Lost in the 1/4-finals.



I currently play at number 2 string for Aldermaston Squash Club in Division 1 of the Berkshire Men's Squash League








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