Coaching Venues

Gary offers coaching at a number of Squash Clubs, Leisure Centres and Schools in the Berkshire, Hampshire & Surrey  Areas. The main venues that Gary is involved with are:


Hook Community Squash Club

Aldermaston Squash Club

Alton Leisure Centre

Hart Squash Club (part of Aldershot Garrison Sports Centre)

Hawley & Blackwater Leisure Centre




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Schools Coaching

I am available to deliver mini-squash/Squash/Racketball sessions to schools in the local area. For example, pre-school breakfast clubs, curriculum time sessions and after-school clubs. These sessions can be at a local club which has squash courts or they can be delivered at the school itself:


Schools with Squash Courts

If a school has squash courts then I am able to deliver squash sessions to that school using its squash courts


Schools without Squash Courts

Most schools do not have squash courts. However, that is not a problem as most schools, even the smallest junior school, usually have a school hall which can be used. I have three sets of Mini-Squash Walls which can be set up in the school hall and they act as a "rebound wall". I have dozens of mini-squash rackets and soft mini-squash balls which the pupils use to play squash ralleys against the mini-squash walls. The soft balls do not damage the walls/windows/fixtures in the school hall and the mini-squash rackets are small and light so making it easier for the pupils to control their shots.

Over 15 years of delivering mini-squash sessions in school halls I have developed a wide range of activities and games which involve the use of balls, rackets, walls and benches. These help develop a pupils RACKET SKILLS as well as ABC's (Agility, Balance and Co-ordination). In a school hall I can deliver a session to a full class of 30-35 pupils.












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