Coaching Venues

Gary offers coaching at a number of Squash Clubs, Leisure Centres and Schools in the Berkshire, Hampshire & Surrey  Areas. The main venues that Gary is involved with are:


Hook Community Squash Club

Aldermaston Squash Club

Alton Leisure Centre

Hart Squash Club (part of Aldershot Garrison Sports Centre)

Hawley & Blackwater Leisure Centre




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Pairs & Threes Coaching

If two or three friends, colleagues or relatives would like to share a single squash lesson the charge is exactly the same as if the lesson was for one player. Therefore, the cost of the lesson is shared between the participants. So a typical 45 minute lesson costing £22 would be shared between two adults. The resulting cost being £11 each.


The players involved do not necessarily have to be of the same standard or age.They could be parent/parents and child/children; brothers or sisters; husband and wife; boyfriend and girlfriend; fellow club or team players; etc...


The lessons can be Squash and/or Racketball and for any standard of player, including absolute beginners.


As with a lesson for one person, a pairs or threes session will follow a format dependent upon the requirements of the players involved.


What we do in the session can vary from player to player. At the start of the lesson I would usually discuss with the players what they would like to achieve from a session. If they have a good idea of a particular element of their game that they need to work on then we can work in that area. If I am seeing players for the first time I will suggest that we play a few competitive ralleys so that I can assess their style of play and identify any weaknesses and also any strengths that they have. After giving the players my assesment we will then decide what may be the best elements to work on. Usually it will be working on a particular area of weakness but it is also important to work on areas of strength. The sessions may start off with some simple routines so that technique can be worked upon. The routines can then be made progressively more challenging. This may involve: adding extra shots; adding more pressure; adding more options; etc... At the end of the session we may finish with a conditioned game or a normal game. We will then discuss how the session has gone I will suggest what the players need to work on in the future. If the players requires further lessons I will make suggestions upon the areas we could work on in future lessons.




A single lesson is 45 minutes in duration;

The cost for adults is £27 (£24 for juniors);


I offer a discount for Blocks of  Lessons (paid in advance);

A block of 5 lessons is £125 (£110 for juniors);


Important: The pupils also pay any guest fee and/or court fee which may be applicable. This varies from club to club. For example:


Hook Community Squash Club, Hook

No Court fee

No Guest fee


Aldermaston Squash Club, Aldermaston

Court fee = £1.00

Guest fee = £1.00


Most Squash Courts are bookable for 45 minute sessions, hence the lessons are usually 45 minutes in duration. However, if a pupil would like a session for a longer time then this can be arranged.

For example, a 1 hour lesson the cost would be £32 (adults) or £29 (juniors) plus any additional court fee.


Important Note:


Block Lessons must be used within a 6-month period (starting from the date of the first lesson).


Please give at least 24 hours notice if cancelling a lesson to avoid a full cancellation fee.


Please contact myself for more information or to book a lesson

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